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Free Picture Resizer

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Free Picture Resizer is a free image resizing program to easily re-size your image files, this program can handle a variety of input and output image formats including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, EMF, ICO and WMF. It is designed for non-technical users that enables you to reduce the size of your images while maintaining a good quality, very easy to use. Standalone software, no installation.


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Free Picture Resizer

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Bulk Image Resizer allows you to quickly and easily convert multiple images at the same time. The resizing engine supports the most popular formats and features high quality image resizing. The resizer will make any photo email friendly so you can email, upload, view, and move your images...

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Lightning Image Resizer is an image file sizing application able to use an adjustable number of threads to process multiple image files. Multiple threads will normally shorten the time taken to process multiple files but the number of threads that can be efficiently run at one time, depends on...

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