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TOP 1 software:JD TrueType Collection
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JD TrueType Collection is a package of TrueType fonts for your computer.

The included fonts were not produced by Jecko Development, all trademarks are of respective owners.

TrueType Collection is a valid solution for those who need a particular font for its activities on the computer, such as document creation, professional prints, brochures, flyers, etc.

JD TrueType Collection contains 500 free fonts, so you have a font for whatever you do.

It includes 5 fonts designed by Jecko Development:

Visit download site and get
JD TrueType Collection

TOP 10 software list

JD TrueType Collection

JD TrueType Collection is a package of TrueType fonts for your computer. The included fonts were not produced by Jecko Development, all...

Ultimate Webshots Converter

Ultimate Webshots Converter (also known under the short name UWC), is a Web shots pictures converter. It is able to show and save into JPEG files the pictures contained in the following files WBC, Web shots Collections, WBZ, Downloaded Web shots pictures, WB1 et WBD, Webshots pictures. It can do batch conversion, rename strange Web shots filenames into the title of the picture, allows you to browse through Web shots pictures and collections, and extract whole or individual pictures....


Using ImgStrips, you can quickly and easily create a graphic showing thumbnails of a selected list of image files. Optionally, an html file with a basic image map can be created and saved with the graphic. The original aim in writing ImgStrips was to provide a simple means of creating a ┬┤menu┬┤ front page for a CD of images, where clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the full size image. A multi thumbnail graphic can be particularly useful in providing lots of visual information in a...


VIPS is a free image processing system. It aims to be about half-way between Photoshop and Excel. It is very bad at retouching photographs, but very handy for the many other imaging tasks that programs like Photoshop are used for. It is good with large images (images larger than the amount of RAM you have available), with many CPUs, for working with colour and for research & development. It comes in two main parts: libvips is the image-processing library and nip2 is the graphical...


bcTester reads barcodes from images or PDF files. Linear barcodes can be recognized as well as modern 2D-(two dimensional) barcodes Find out what is encoded in the barcodes you see! Just create an image file by scanning or taking a picture of the barcode, and bcTester reads it from the file. For recognition, bcTester uses the QS-Barcode library of the QS-Barcode SDK (software development kit) made by QualitySoft, Hamburg. Barcode on pages of Adobe PDF documents can be read as well.


RLPlot is is a plotting program to create high quality graphs from data. Based on values stored in a spreadsheet several menus help you to create graphs of your choice. The Graphs are displayed as you get them (Wysiwyg). Double click any element of the graph (or a single click with the right mouse button) to modify its properties. RLPlot is a cross platform development for Linux and Windows. Features: interactive graphical user interface vector fill patterns virtually unlimited...

HTML Palette

HTML Palette is designed to ease the Webpage developing process when native HTML-code is edited. You may use it as helpful tool in addition to your text editor. It allows: choose the colour from 24-colour palette (the rice. 1a); adjust the palette on taste of developer in accordance with requirements of under development projects; quickly find the way of description of special symbols in accordance with HTML requirements (the rice. 1b); execute copyings of text string,...

3D Picture Browser

3D Picture Browser is a piece of software that provides an exceptional visually rich experience for browsing your photos. It features a revolutionary real-time 3D user interface, an innovative cursor-detection technology, and the simplest controls ever created on a Windows application: no scrollbars, no double-click, no right-click, just move the mouse and left-click. Whether you are disappointed by the lack of breathtaking innovations in the upcoming operating systems, or whether you are...

HP Smart Web Printing

HP Smart Web Printing lets you select, store and organize text and graphics from multiple web pages and then edit and print exactly what you see onscreen. It gives you the control you need to print meaningful information while minimizing waste. Features: Select text and graphics easily from any web site and save a handy list of clips Preview and modify clips before printing Save paper and reduce waste Take control of your web search findings Edit content to suit your needs...


WebColor is a nifty little utility program we wrote for in-house use, but one we think other web designers might find helpful. Colors can drive a web designer nuts! Because not all machine/browser combinations can render a given color in the manner intended by the web author, results can be totally unexpected. WebColor is a simple-to-use utility that will alleviate the color problem and make life a little easier for the web authors. WebColor presents a simple dialog on which you can pick...

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